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How long does production take? / When will my order arrive? You can find the delivery times for each individual product on its detail page on our online shop. By clicking on "More details on delivery times," you'll also get a detailed breakdown of the delivery time, including production duration and shipping time. Please note that the delivery time for an order is always determined by the product with the longest delivery time.

Can I pick up my order from you? Yes, you have the option to pick up your order in person from us. Self-pickup is an option you can select during the ordering process under the shipping methods. However, we still require a delivery address. In this case, you can simply use the billing address as the delivery address.

Until when do I have to place my order? Orders placed before 9:00 AM will be processed for production on the same day. Products with a one-day production duration will also be shipped on the same day. For products with a multi-day production duration, we start production on that day.

How can I make payment? We offer various payment options, including prepayment, PayPal, credit card, instant bank transfer, and the option to pay by invoice through Klarna. You can find a detailed overview of our payment methods here: [Link].

Can I purchase on invoice? All our customers have the option to process their purchase on invoice through Klarna. For German public institutions, we also offer the option to use invoice payment without Klarna by prior arrangement. For more information and details, please contact us directly.

Until when can I cancel? While your order is in the pre-press stage, you have the option to cancel it. However, once the printing process begins, cancellation is unfortunately no longer possible. Please note that it can happen very quickly for your order to go into print. Orders for which no payment has been made at the time of cancellation can be canceled free of charge. If you wish to cancel an already paid order, a cancellation fee of €10 will be deducted from the refund. Please provide us with the refund account details when canceling, as we do not store our customers' bank information for security reasons.

How do I file a complaint? In the event of a complaint, please send us an email to reklamation@berlindisplay.de, including the order or invoice number, a brief description of the problem, and relevant images. Please note that complaints cannot be accepted or processed over the phone.


What differentiates the rollups from each other? The print quality of all rollups is consistently high. The differences lie in the construction of the cassette and the use of different strengths of aluminum. Particularly high-quality rollups, such as the Rollup Shark or Supreme, are designed to stand securely without additional support feet. Additionally, the prints on Supreme rollups can be swapped.

What is included with the rollups? All rollups are delivered fully assembled and ready for use. Included in the package is the rollup with the printed design, the support pole for setup, and a convenient carrying bag.

Can I change the prints on the rollups? Unfortunately, the print on most rollups is permanently adhered to the system and cannot be replaced. However, Supreme rollups feature a special clamping mechanism that allows for print replacement.

What printing materials are available? Depending on the rollup model, we offer various material options:

  • Rollup Film: This material has a gray back and is lightproof. It does not have a B1 certificate for fire protection.

  • Rollup Film with B1 Certificate: This film also has a gray back and is lightproof. It has a B1 certificate for fire protection.

  • Polyester Fabric with B1 Certificate: This lightproof polyester fabric with a gray back has a B1 certificate for fire protection. It is our highest-quality material and looks the best on rollups.

  • Frontlit Fabric with B1 Certificate: This translucent fabric with a white back has a B1 certificate for fire protection.

What does "with B1" mean? The B1 certificate designates a material as flame-resistant. This certificate is required in some cases at trade shows or events and is always necessary in public buildings.

Are the rollups suitable for outdoor use? Please note that rollups are not suitable for outdoor use. They are not wind-resistant, and the print can be affected by moisture. Only our outdoor rollup is specifically designed for outdoor use. All other rollups should be used indoors only.


How can I provide my print data? The best method is to upload your print data directly during the ordering process on our online shop. This way, you'll receive immediate feedback from the basic data check. For very large print data (over 128 MB per file), you can send them after the order through an external link, such as WeTransfer.

How should the print data be prepared? On the product pages for displays like rollups and trade show walls, you'll always find the print data sheet with specific requirements. General guidelines for our digital printing can be found here: [Link].

Can I create the print data to scale? You can create your print data at any desired scale. However, please be aware that pixel-based data like photos can suffer significant quality loss depending on the scaling. Print data at scale should also always be saved without any compression.

My print file dimensions are incorrect, what can I do? We require correct print data from you, and all necessary information can be found in the print data sheets. If you encounter difficulties in creating the print data, seek assistance from professionals. Advertising agencies or graphic designers are available to help you create suitable data.

What does data check mean? We offer two types of data checks. The basic data check involves an automatic verification of the dimensions of your file by our software. If these dimensions are correct, your file will be approved for production.

With the professional data check, the basic data check is performed first. Then, one of our experienced staff members reviews your print file for potential printing-related issues. For a detailed overview, please click on the following link: [Link].

Can I see my data again, is there a print preview? Due to our rapid production processes, we do not send print previews (Digiproofs) for approval. You provide us with your print approval by submitting your print data. If you would like us to review your data before printing, you can opt for our professional data check. More information on the data check can be found here: [Link].

How do I deliver print data for prints over 5 meters in length? Print data with a length of more than 5,080 mm must be created at a scale that reduces the overall length of the print data to 5,080 mm or less. Otherwise, errors may occur during printing. Please remember to deactivate any compression to avoid quality loss during scaling.

Can I change my print data after placing my order? While your order is in the pre-press stage, you have the option to modify your print data. However, once the printing process begins, changes are unfortunately no longer possible. Please be aware that in some cases, your order can progress to printing very quickly.

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