Replacement Rollup Supreme Series

Replacement Rollup Supreme Series

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Replacement print for Rollup Supreme series. Retrofit your existing Rollup Display Supreme with fresh designs.

The roll up system comes with a telescopic rod. The connection between the rod and the casing of the system guarantees a simple and fast assembly as well as an adaptable height of 100 cm to 230 cm. the casing lid is easily and quickly opened and offers a toolless swap of prints.

+ Production time: 1 work day
+ Material: Rollup-Film 175 µm
+ Grey, lightproof back side
+ Semi-glossy surface
+ Waterproof (latex ink)
+ wipe-resistant with appropriate handling (latex ink)
+ scratch-resistant with appropriate handling
+ Laminating becomes needless
+ incl. print, cushioned bag and complete roll up system (high-quality)
+ incl. standard shipping (within Germany)
+ visible print area: 850 mm x 2145 mm
+ print size: 850 mm x 2200 mm

WARNING: This product only encompasses the replacement print.

Data sheets and layout samples



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