Valentines Day Rollup

Valentines Day Rollup

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LED spot light

netto:  32,00 €
brutto: 38,08 €
color proof

Varying printing methods may...

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brutto: 17,85 €


The compact size and light weight of this rollup display make it easy to transport. The assembly is effortless and fast, this makes the roll up operational in a short amount of time.

The print attachment is reinforced on the upper and lower rails. This ensures optimal rigidity and high endurance at the cost of not being able to replace the print.

+ Production time: 1 work day
+ Material: Rollup Film 195 micron
+ grey, lightproof back side
+ Semi-glossy surface
+ Waterproof (latex ink)
+ wipe-resistant with appropriate handling (latex ink)
+ scratch-resistant with appropriate handling
+ Laminating becomes needless
+ incl. print, bag and complete roll up system (light-quality)
+ incl. standard shipping (within Germany)
+ visible print area: 850 mm x 1980 mm
+ print size: 850 mm x 2040 mm


Weight (kg) 3.00