Installation instructions for Rollup Displays

Open the Bag and pull out the metal casing. Remove the three-part bar and connect it.
Turn the metal feet by 90° to the metakl casing and put it on the floor. Place the metal bar (see point 1) and insert it into the hole in the back of the casing.
Stand with both feet on the backside of the metal feet, grab the ridge of the print and pull it out. Avoid touching the casing with the print while pulling it out. Stand on the metal feet for as long as the print is secured to the bar while holding the print firmly with both hands.
Attention: Please make sure to pull out the print evenly. Avoid touching the sides of the casing. Hang in the ridge of the print at the designated spot on the upper end of the bar.
Attention: Pay close attention to the sides of the print when rolling it back in the casing. As before, avoid touching the sides of the casing. Correct accordingly.
Attention: Never let the print go while rolling it out or in. The print is under tension and will roll up with such force that it will rip from the ridge. Such damage to the rollup is always attributed to improper handling of the rollup display and cannot be claimed.


Please be mindful of dry maintenance of our rollups.

Use a clean and soft cloth and clean the surface with gentle pressure. Improper maintenance cannot be claimed.


Do not try to repair the rollup yourself.

Should a rollup malfunction, initiate a customer complaint. Rollups that have been tinkered with cannot be claimed.

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