Snake Display Cobra
Exhibition Display Elite Sail
Exhibition Display Elite Sail

Snake Display Cobra

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970 mm x 3580 mm
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Promotional display snake cobra for your exhibitions and conferences. Super quick assembly, highly mobile and a real eye-catcher!

Simple yet highly effective - the Snake Display Cobra

Curved like a cobra ready to strike, this display is really ready to impress your customers. The lightweight anodized aluminum frame is assembld by locking together individual tubes. The flexible textile print is then pulled over the frame and fastened with a zipper. This is an extremely simple and quick ( < 5 minutes ) process that can be done by just one person with the need for any tools, and it just looks great!

High quality print - with sublimation

The sublimation print on stretchy textile material really lets the colors of your design shine to their true potential and will definitely impress your customers.

+ two-sided print possible
+ base area: W x H x D / ca. 2980 x 2320 x 500mm
+ media size: 3295 x 2340 mm
+ for indoor use only
+ sublimation print included
+ B1 certified
+ Production time: 7 working days
+ Weight: 6kg

Data sheets and layout samples



Weight (kg) 6.00
Production time 7