Textile Counter
Textile Counter
Textile Counter
Textile Counter

Textile Counter

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1760 mm x 1020 mm
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Promotional Counter

Our movable promotional counter...

ab netto:  215,00 €
brutto: 255,85 €
Textile Counter Replacement Print

Replacement print for textile...

ab netto:  65,00 €
brutto: 77,35 €

Our textile exhibition counter is the perfect addition to our popup displays.

A print attached around the counter offers additional advertising space. The print is easily attached to the construction with velcro straps. The system can comfortably be adapted to any occasion. The counter is assembled and disassembled with the same procedure as our popup displays. This makes them easy to transport. The textile counter is covered with a black wood board.

+ Dimensions: approx. (WxHxD) 1000 x 1000 x 320 mm
+ Print Dimensions: 1740 x 1000 mm
+ INCL. quality print on Dreamtex
+ WARNING: Production time: 7 work days
+ The cover is black.
+ Weight: 12 kg


The textile material used for this product can have slight wrinkles due to not being fully taut across the frame. These wrinkles can be reduced by tautening the print, but may not be eliminated fully.

Data sheets and layout samples



Weight (kg) 11.00
Production time 7